Welcome to QSLA Junior West League!

We hope you will enjoy working with your coaches:

  • Team 1 COACH: Anthony Omolaye | jersey: white
  • Team 2 COACH: Mark McNee | jersey: green
  • Team 3 COACH: Tal Marantaz | jersey: blue
  • Team 4 COACH: Ricardo Keane | jersey: red

Every week, two teams will complete skill building drills with math topics for 1 hour & play a 40-min. game with player stats, videos & pictures.

The skill building practice is a combination of selected math topics mixed with basketball drills. For example, we’ll mix a game of bump with ratios & cross multiplication. Or we may mix a 3-man weave with simple & compound interest.  We also mix crossover dribbling with the Pythagorean theorem & trigonometry.

Our ball coaches love basketball & our math coaches love math.  This way, we ensure every practice has both our passions covered.

QSLA Jr. experience includes:

  • 6 skill building practices
  • 7 week season + 1 week playoffs
  • Player jerseys
  • Detailed player stats with player ranking
  • Prizes from our sponsors Love Toronto & Adidas
  • Game highlights & mixtapes recorded & published

To check your schedules, please click on the team tab.

Happy ballin’!


Congratulations to the Season 1 West League Champs: Team Flex On Em

Semifinals Finals
Flex on em (Team Blue) 
March 20, 2017
Flex on em (Team Blue) 75-49 Team Green – Coach Mark
Flex on em (Team Blue)
March 22, 2017
Flex on em (Team Blue) 47-46 Team White – Coach Anthony
Team Green – Coach Mark
Team Red – Coach Keane
March 20, 2017
Team Red – Coach Keane 41-61 Team White – Coach Anthony
Team White – Coach Anthony
Team White – Coach Anthony
Team Standings

Jr. West Season 1 Team Standings

1Flex on em (Team Blue)725948117-2W3
2Team White – Coach Anthony54564975-4L1
3Team Red – Coach Keane446468-44-4L4
4Team Green – Coach Mark175268-161-7L2
Player Rank

Junior West Player Rank | Season 1

1Tahj Thomas-Morgan19318860.6190.2800.72210.51.532.2
2Michael Hernandez Grant9015070.5240.5000.33311.72.012.9
3DJ Boatswain12113080.4850.1720.37510.02.515.1
4Josh Fleck7712390.4780.2140.5005.33.78.6
5Jaheem John9212290.4110.1000.3149.62.610.2
6Kevin Nguyen7110480.5150.0000.5008.01.18.9
7Shane Simpson1549980.3890.3830.7143.51.319.3
8Jaylen Campbell928580.4650.1840.4555.14.511.5
9Ryan Boatswain1047970.4880.2530.4007.92.914.9
10Samuel Calder283930.6670.0000.0008.31.79.3
11D’Wayne Haye273510.5880.4001.00013.02.027.0
12Jorge Munoz-Shimada182680.3200.0000.0003.60.92.3
13James Eugenio121920.4000.0000.0004.51.06.0
14Saumya Khati141970.3330.0000.0002.31.02.0
15Ben Shapiro21640.2500.0000.0003.50.30.5
16Liam Rodriguez51040.1111.0000.0002.50.51.3
17Tenisha Thompson10850.3330.0000.0002.20.42.0
18Inno Monton7480.1250.0670.0002.40.80.9
19Brendon Richards0310.0000.0000.0002.00.00.0
20Sherwin Cruz5220.3330.2500.0001.50.52.5
21William Phillips21190.2220.1320.6671.91.12.3
Team White | Coach Anthony
Team Green | Coach Mark
Flex on em | Coach Tal
Team Red | Coach Keane