Founded in 2010, QSLA emerged with a clear purpose: to champion student athletes. Rooted in this mission, we recognized the profound significance of offering a foundation of elite education to pave the way for each student’s future academic and economic achievements. Furthermore, we recognized the necessity for students to proactively immerse themselves in the ever-changing economy.

Over the years, our evolution has been guided by the commitment to create an environment where athletic and educational aspirations thrive. In 2019 through thoughtful cultivation, we transitioned into our own space at 950 Dupont Street, creating an atmosphere in which the pursuit of knowledge, both intellectual and athletic, is not only encouraged but fostered.

What’s more, our growth has also seen us transform into a vibrant nexus for community-driven initiatives. This transformation has allowed us to serve as an essential platform for a myriad of community programs and individuals, igniting the betterment of all walking through our doors. The positive impact we are privileged to have on the lives of those we serve remains at the heart of our ongoing journey.

How It All Started