MLSE Season 3 | Summer 2017

Welcome to Season 3 of the Ballmatics program at MLSE LaunchPad

This summer, we’re at the MLSE LaunchPad every Thursday from 5-8pm.

Here is a typical weekly practice/game night with our team:

  • Dynamic Warmup
  • Math Huddle
  • Skill Building
  • Skill + Math Activity
  • Exhibition Game

Games are recorded & player stats are kept so each player can see his progression during a season.

Every week, 1 math topic will be covered and paired up with 1 basketball activity. MLSE & QSLA coaches will work together with the players on their basketball skills.  Here is a list of math topics we will cover each week:

Week 1: BEDMAS

Week 2: Pythagorean Theorem

Week 3: Area of shapes

Week 4: Simple Interest

Week 5: Cartesian Plane & plotting points

Week 6: Fractions (addition)

Thanks for ballin’ with us!

Intermediate level

MLSE Season 3 Team Standings

1MLSE Season 3 | Team 343413564-3
2We Lit112023-31-1
3MLSE Season 3 Green343641-53-4

Junior Level | stats coming soon

Intermediate Level Stats:

MLSE Season 3 | Summer 2017 Player Rank

1Simon Kay10584644880.5007200.35010210.47693737996.
2Akua Obeng3453716530.302000.000240.5001244378136.
3Ibn Stone4849622670.3284160.250000.0002543101149.
4Bemnte Samson3143614400.350070.000370.429124024956.
5Jalen Archer92407351020.34313390.3339280.321154511415106.
7Christian Williams182637180.389010.000470.57111833246.
8Dequan Demos99237421210.3477330.2128250.320132631511153.
9Chrino Badibanga162117120.583000.000230.6671821128.
10Radwan Berih102044130.308010.000240.500213384103.
11Renelle Charles-Moraix2715412330.364150.2004140.28632101205.
13Katrell Dos Santos17827160.438130.333140.2502202151.
14Angel Sehi6533140.214000.000040.00031003203.
16Joel Rasanayagam432270.286000.000020.0000601103.
17Joseph Negede5022140.143040.000140.2501841064.
18Aaron Belay16-356240.2504150.267000.0007901741.