Welcome to another week everyone!

Jackin’ All Trey’s

The star player for the game JAT (78) vs Smooth Operators (73) is (#8) Tevin. This was his first game and he played phenomenally. His drive to win was very strong and encouraged him to power through to be a great asset for this game. We are looking forward to seeing him help his team succeed over the course of the rest of season 14 and possibly more.

Smooth Operators

The star player for Smooth Operators is (#7), Jay Raj. He really tried hard to get his team to win. You could see it in how hard he played but as much as he tried, it wasn’t enough. None the less, still a great game for both teams.  The score was (73-78) facing Jackin’ All Trey’s.

Dream Team

Coming into week 6, Dream Team continues to keep their undefeated streak of wins in this game facing the Sleepers with the star player being (#30) Devon. He played an outstanding game scoring, getting assists and rebounds, and ended up being a big part for his team’s win.


The star player of the game goes to (#33) Nina. She played while being sick and even though she was, she still came out on top and was the one who pushed themselves to their limits in trying to make her team succeed.


Week 6 came in a blowout against La Familia for the Skyhookers with Greg Churchill and Tom with the clutch shots and rebounds. Working together as a tight team as usual, their cooperation with each other is always seen during their games and that definitely helps in their winnings.

La Famillia

The players that stepped up to the plate for this game were (#12) Allan Cao and (#21) Conrad Gray. Allan played with a lot of drive and passion, leading the team with many points. Whereas Conrad, as always, was on board all game and was doing a good job getting in the way of the Skyhookers offence.


Bobby Fenton (#13) and Matt (#18) both played very well.  Although they took a loss they both really pushed and tried to take the win. They played really well and together, ended up getting a combined score of 28 points. Very much deserving of being the star players.

Last Call

(#5) Inhae and (#8) Brian stole the title for star players for this week. Inhae showed a lot of effort during the game. He made a lot of his shots and passed the ball with strong emphasis in order for his teammates to retrieve every pass. Brian also made a lot of shots, constantly sinking 3’s as well as his other shots. This came out to be very effective at the end of the day with Last call pulling ahead to win.


The MVP for the ThunderCats is (#0) Crispin. He had an unreal defensive performance with 15 rebounds. Plus, from the free throw line he shot really well. An amazing performance.

Tribe Called #Blessed

Tribe Called #Blessed fell short of the win to ThunderCats (65-48). Their usual scorer Andre, was playing a bit of a weaker game that night but David Bonan (#24) picked up the score leading with 18 points and 7 rebounds, thus, giving him the star player for this game. Some tips on ow they could be sure to win the next games are that they should look to swing the ball more and stop jacking shots.

Written by: Serena, Alamor, Cheddean, Duncan, Garret, Chris, Ryan, Dalton, Ben, DJ.