Week 5 Recap

First game of week 5 was Sleepers vs Jackin’ All Treys. The star player for Sleepers goes to #0 Shawn. The star player for Jackin’ All Trey’s was #32 Jorge Ulloa. He was the first one that caught our eye because he was taking leadership and ended up bringing the score up for his team. He showed a side of him that made him stand out a lot in this game and very much deserves the mention.

Second game of the night was Smooth Operators vs Syndicate. We think Brian Broomes from Smooth Operators was the star player because he played really hard with getting a lot of points and rebounds. The star player for the Syndicate was Joel James.

Game 3 of the night was Tribe Called #Blessed vs Last Call. Tribe Called Blessed came up short against Last Call 44-49. They were trailing the majority of the game and attempted to make a last minute comeback. They were missing one of their consistent scorers Andre Woodroffe. David Bonan lead them in scoring with 14 points. The star player was Ashley Nguyen with 11 points.  The star player for Last Call was Inhae Koo, with his hard work on the court during the entire game which definitely helped the team win.

Game 4 was La Famillia vs Dream Team. The star player was Conrad Gray. With his rebounds, hard drives and playful charisma he was able to lead his team to put up a fight against the #1 team, Dream Team.  #35 Atill Williams was the star player for Dream Team because of his great work on the court.

Last game, Thundercats vs Skyhookers. Thundercats took their loss 52-57 vs Skyhookers in a very close game. The star player of the week is team captain #12 Mike Milligan, who was directing his team to a great win until the last couple of minutes when things got crazy on the court. They all showed great team work, and didn’t argue once with each other. If something happened they would just laugh about it and continue the game which we think was great teamwork. Skyhookers star player was #30 Greg Churchil, who helped his team maintain their 5-0 record.

Written by: Kyana-lee M, Cheddean W. Serena N-C, Alamor K, Duncan O, DJ B, Ryan B, Chris J, Ben, Jaylen, Dalton