Welcome to the QSLA Juniors | East Division League!

Season dates: March 7, 2017 – April 25, 2017.

Every week, two teams will complete skill building drills with math topics for 1 hour & play a 40-min. game with player stats, videos & pictures.

The skill building practice is a combination of selected math topics mixed with basketball drills. For example, we’ll mix a game of bump with ratios & cross multiplication. Or we may mix a 3-man weave with simple & compound interest.  We also mix crossover dribbling with the Pythagorean theorem & trigonometry.

Our ball coaches love basketball & our math coaches love math.  This way, we ensure every practice has both our passions covered.

QSLA Jr. experience includes:

  • 6 skill building practices
  • 7 week season + 1 week playoffs
  • Player jerseys
  • Detailed player stats with player ranking
  • Prizes from Love Toronto & Adidas
  • Game highlights & mixtapes recorded & published

To check your schedules, please click on the team tab.

Happy ballin’!

Welcome to our league!  Wishing all teams the very best!



The championship game between Team Lit & Team IDK was crazy until the very end! The teams were tied at the half (24:24) but Team IDK managed to pull off last minute advance.  Both teams fought until the very end!

Semifinals Finals
The Oreo’s 
April 18, 2017
The Oreo’s 39-53 MLSE Team 3 – IDK
MLSE Team 3 – IDK
April 25, 2017
MLSE Team 3 – IDK 67-64 We Lit
MLSE Team 3 – IDK
Cash Money (Green Release)
April 20, 2017
Cash Money (Green Release) 44-66 We Lit
We Lit
We Lit
Team Standings

MLSE Season 1 Team Standings

1Cash Money (Green Release)53413655-3L2
2The Oreo’s533840-25-3W1
3MLSE Team 3 – IDK444349-64-4W2
4We Lit26474522-6L1
Player Rank

Player Rank is based on overall Efficiency (EFF).  Efficiency takes into account your overall points, but it subtracts a point every time you miss a shot or get a turnover.

MLSE Season 1 | Player Rank

1Keon Johnson9614170.4530.2000.346111145102281.61.40.713.7
2Ethan Bautista10613540.5050.0000.464866320442.05.00.826.5
3Deon Darkwa15412180.7020.2210.6222865103432203.54.31.319.3
4Tyler Walton4810780.3090.2730.28613931288131.
5Christian Williams1289780.3500.1250.45578562423170.93.00.816.0
6Bemnte Samson697680.4140.3570.0005593811110.
7Khaled Khaled467280.3030.0000.28611772201941.
8Ibn Stone417240.4630.1430.0001339012363.
9Joseph Negede725970.3030.1880.500106161719181.42.40.910.3
10Akua Obeng615970.3770.0000.375643587100.
11Marques Walton414170.3260.2800.0009304211551.
12Ronald Irakoze333630.2450.2500.300245019490.
13Tatjana Guasch273060.3170.0000.50042716300.
14Nate Rock692280.3130.0000.50012230162961.
15Devon Miller351980.2450.0870.37510420161831.
16Chrispin Kalala101570.2630.0000.00031824580.
17Inno Monton191450.2810.0001.00041437930.
18Nicholas Williams201380.2580.1670.000913111851.
19Grace Croxen81260.6670.0000.0002702500.
20Sammy Rookie171230.3180.3750.0008900242.
21Nidani Wanigasooriya0970.0000.0000.0002913610.
22Joel Rasanayagam2860.0000.0000.50022104200.
23Israel Browne18450.3330.0000.00041411660.
24William Ceballos6460.3750.0000.00011503930.
25Pablo Evenon34360.1670.2080.0003201135150.
26Emmanuel Olowoyo6340.3000.0000.0001810400.
27Diondre Murray0250.0000.0000.0000301100.
28Tenisha Thompson0110.0000.0000.0000301310.
30Jorge Munoz-Shimada0110.0000.0000.0001200001.
31JC Ceballo0020.0000.0000.0000303350.
32Jahaziah Lyon8070.1500.2500.250817071731.
33Ismail Al-Samana102-1490.2540.2140.48894702336141.
34Amadou Suwareh38-1580.2140.0000.25013251916111.
35Amarion Robinson22-3870.0830.1300.263419091410.
League Schedule
Team 1 Schedule
Team 2 Schedule
Team 3 Schedule
Team 4 Schedule