Season 14 Week 9 Recap

Tribe Called #Blessed vs The Syndicate

The star player of the night for the Syndicate goes to #10 Scott Loane. He picked up the team when they had falls and got many rebounds. Tribe Called #Blessed’s #24 David Bonan took the player of the game spot with his hustle to score some points, get rebounds, and assists. Great performance from both players.

Jackin’ All Treys vs Thunder Cats

#34 Karla Reyes played a good game this week. She always is an asset to her team, but this game she really took control, with rebounds and points to really put her team ahead. #30, Syed from ThunderCats, was consistently sinking 3’s and always did it when needed. It wasn’t enough for the win but it really made for an exciting game every time he made his team pull ahead.

La Familia vs Last Call

La Famillia goes out with a bang with their first win. The player of the game goes to #41, Odai Shatara. He was hustling all game and hit a clutch three pointer in the last moments of the game to get their first win of the season. Last Call’s player of the game is #5 Inhae. As usual, he played a phenomenal game for his team. With the score being 40-39, you can see how hard both teams worked and fought for their win.

Skyhookers vs Dream Team

Skyhookers came out with the big win to move them to first place over Dream Team in the league’s ranking. Their player of the game is #4 Raef. He played a pretty solid game this week, with great player stats. Dream Team’s is #30, Devon Smith. He got the most amount of points out of all the players and many rebounds.

Smooth Operators vs Sleepers

Lastly, the Sleepers’ player of the game is #33 Alex Adarna, who was speeding his way down the court to get buckets and rebounds. Smooth Operator’s #18 Brian Broomes had an outstanding amount of rebounds and points to match. Brian also had some steals and an assist, no turnovers to counteract the great game for him. However, the player most deserving of the 1-point win is the team captain #1 Roberto, who scored a clutch 3-pt at the last second of the game to tip the score in their favour. Great game Roberto!