Welcome to the Season 14 playoffs!

Exciting games throughout the whole night. Congrats to all the teams, whether it was a win or loss, all the final scores were super close! It could’ve easily been anyone’s game.  Really proves that they were all deserving to be playing out there.

Dream Team vs  A Tribe Called #Blessed

Great start to the opening night of the playoffs. #8 Brandon Junmany took the MVP spot for dream team. He risked getting fouls but it was all worth it in the end when they came out on top. He got a lot of points, rebounds, and assists. Sad loss for a Tribe Called #Blessed by only 3 points. It was still a great game for their team with the MVP being #24 David Bonan. He really got into the game and fought hard. Constantly sinking layups when a teammate would pass him the ball, along with an impressive amount of rebounds and steals. Not to mention, a great overall team effort from both sides.

Smooth Operators vs Sleepers

In the second game of the night, it was also a matter of 3 points that left Smooth Operaters with the win. Their MVP is #7 Jay Raj. He really pushed for his team. They have amazing teamwork that is always noticed, everyone gets their hands on the ball a good amount of the game and it really seems to help them. #33 Alex Adarna always hustles to the net to make shots, even when you think he shouldn’t. Say what you want but it pays off with a whopping 18/31 for his personal score stats to the teams final score. Big contributions from both MVP’s. An exciting game to watch.

ThunderCats vs Jackin’ All Treys 

The third game ended up in ThunderCats favor with them winning to Jackin’ All Treys, not letting them beat them like last week. MVP goes to #24 Shaquille Legall. He had the most amount of points and many rebounds. Always a crucial member for his team. #35 Alamor Keane gets the MVP for Jackin’ All Treys. Although being fouled out in the last 4 minutes of the game, he played a phenomenal game up until then. He played hard and it payed off when he brought up the team using his height as a great advantage as he gets the rebounds and makes 2 pointers. Being the teams Liaison, I would say that this was one of their best games of the season.

Skyhookers vs The Syndicate 

And lastly, The Skyhookers and The Syndicate. Skyhookers MVP is #22, Simon. He was working quick on his feet to get his team where they needed to be and followed through with a solid amount of points, rebounds, assists, and a steal. This really helped them when they realized this could’ve been their last game. The Syndicate’s Lynden DB took home the MVP title. Outstanding performance, bringing up the team when they were down. Came out really strong in the first half but it wasn’t enough with a loss only by 5 points. Probably one of the best team performances of the season. Overall, it was a close game all of the way through and it was very exciting to watch, especially for the table. It constantly had us at the edges of our seats. A big recognition to Dave McNee, the Syndicate team captain for stepping in to play. It was his first game of the season, even still recovering from an injury. It seemed to really help out having the captain on the court with them. Great way to end of a fantastic night.