Season 14 | Week 8

The first game of the night, The Thundercats-45 vs Last Call-40.

Thundercats. Thundercats taking a win 45-40. The team MVP goes to Crispin Barnes with his great stats. He also shows a lot of teamwork. This team works with each other even in tough situations and always does a great job. Last Call. 33 Had a lot of rebounds and was a huge help to the team, he showed a lot of energy during the game and had a positive attitude.

The second game of the night, Jackin’ All Treys-59 vs Tribe Called #Blessed-48

Jackin’ All Treys. The team MVP goes to #0 Desean Murray. He was constantly crossing out players and fighting hard for the win. He really took leadership and owned the night. Tribe Called #Blessed. The team star of the game for the Tribe Called #Blessed is #11 Kyle Williamson. He had a strong defensive game, but his offense was what stood out the most in his performance.

The third game of the night, Smooth Operators-73 vs Dream Team-65

Smooth Operators. The game between Dream Team and Smooth Operators was a good game to watch because Smooth Operators is the first team to beat Dream Team. The team MVP goes to #2 because he got lots of points for his team and he assisted people. Dream Team. Dream taking their first loss this season. They had great effort, great defense and offense but the Smooth Operators took the win. Brendon Junmany #8 s the team MVP for week 8 because of his amazing effort.

The fourth game of the night, Sleepers-38 vs La Familla-29

Sleepers. I give the team MVP #0 Dilon. He scored 8 points off the bench. On his first game he did a fantastic job, and really showcased his ability to play basketball. Unfortunately, he is not a player of the team so the team MVP goes to #88 Darrin Campbell. La Famillia. Conrad Gray is the team MVP for this game he had a lot of rebounds and a 100% free throw rate.

The last game of the night,