Math and Basketball Training

What is BallMatics?

The Ballmatics program aims to develop and refine skills such as passing, shooting, ball-handling and footwork. We are the only organization that also practices math skills on the court. 

Most Ballmatics youth programs are 8 weeks in length. Registration is now open for the upcoming season.

The program is delivered at the Ballmatics Academy located at 950 Dupont Street. QSLA also works with community organizations and schools to deliver the program at alternate locations.

For the youngest athletes, the Ballmatics program focuses on getting players comfortable on the court by engaging them in FUN activities that will improve basic motor skills such as jumping, running, and shooting.

For older players, Ballmatics program offers a chance to apply the skills learned toward timed activities. The program also consists of an online platform where participants have full access to math videos, extra practices, notes and learning checks.

Please select an age-appropriate program and register. Still have questions? Send us an email at and our administrative team will respond to the inquiry.