REP AAU Basketball Tryouts | BallMatics Elite Basketball Team


The fee for tryouts is $5 (all sessions). Players are expected to attend both basketball tryouts.

Basketball and STEAM* programs are here!

This fall through summer, youth basketball players on our BallMatics Elite teams in grades 5-10 (U10, U11, U12, U13, U14, U15, U16) can further develop their advanced skills and ability to compete at a high level, while also learning about rehabilitation sciences, the newest research technologies and math!

Each session of our Elite Basketball program includes rigorous basketball training. One of the two weekly sessions will include STEAM lessons. Additional skill development and CrossFit practices will be added during the season.

Our Elite REP/AAU Basketball teams will compete in exhibition games, regional league competition (CYBL) and international circuits and tournaments (UA FUTURE, UA RISE Circuit, NYBL, etc.) in the winter, spring and summer 2020.

*STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math

Dates: Sep. 2019 – Jul. 2020

Practice Days: TBD, starting early October 2019

Location: QSLA Ballmatics Centre (950 Dupont St.) and Toronto Ouest School (330 Lansdowne Ave.)

BallMatics Elite REP AAU Basketball Tryout Schedule


If you have any questions or prefer to pay for your registration via EMT please call us at 416.855.5572.

What to bring to tryouts:
  1. Water bottle
  2. Reversible Jersey (if available)
  3. Basketball Sneakers
  4. Positive Attitude and competitive mindset!
About the BallMatics Elite REP AAU Basketball Team

If your student-athlete is selected during our REP basketball tryouts they will be joining an elite team. The  student-athletes on these teams enter a fun environment where they are being prepared for high performance sports and academia. The focus of our basketball program is to prepare these student-athletes to compete at the university level upon leaving high school in the years ahead. This process starts now.

Upon successful completion of our REP AAU basketball tryouts we will contact you to start the administrative process. We to immediately provide our players the opportunity to excel on the court, in the classroom and life.

Our typical REP AAU basketball team practices will include elite level skill work with speed, power, agility, reaction and quickness training. Plyometric training is also used to increase each players athletic ability. Fundamental and advanced basketball skills are added to the practice schedule daily. Most sessions round out with team concepts and game play to build on all previous activities.

One practice a week will have an academic component included in the schedule. Each lesson closely linked to the activities on court. This keeps our student-athletes aware of how sport is connected to real life. Our methods are designed to instill enthusiasm academics and allow our student-athletes to be prepared to attain success.

We look forward to hosting your child at our REP basketball tryouts and hopefully developing them as part of one of our teams in the near future!

STEAM and REP AAU Basketball

What is STEAM? How do STEAM and basketball work together? Will this program make my student-athletes more prepared for the future?

STEAM is an approach to learning that involves the use of Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics. These subjects are used as entry points to guide a student’s interest, conversations and critical thinking.

We use STEAM with Basketball activities to engage our athletes interest in learning.

Is a REP Basketball team that marries athletics with academics right for your budding basketball prodigy? Simply put yes!

Every elite athlete needs to be academically qualified to accept an athletic scholarship. Often caregivers to exceptional talents spend a great deal focusing on helping develop and nurture their athletic abilities and forget about their need to also develop academically.

Our REP AAU Basketball team differs from most in this area. We place equal emphasis on our player’s athletic and academic development. Their level of achievement is measured based on both areas of development.

Click here to register your athlete for our REP AAU Basketball tryouts.