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Uchenna Select High School Basketball Team

Registrations are still open for our 2018-19 basketball team!

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What makes our basketball program unique?

  • ACADEMICS FIRST.  Players’ academic performance is mandatory. We provide academic support for all our student to ensure their academic success.
  • INDIVIDUAL PLAYER STATS & VIDEO FOOTAGE. We record every game, keep player stats & take photos. These resources are posted so you see your progress and can be available for your personal mix-tape when its time to send your portfolio to University/College coaches.
  • MASTER MENTAL DISCIPLINE. In addition to 3 weekly practices  (2 mandatory & 1 optional),  players participate in martial arts classes (with our partner WOLF Athletic Academy). Players have a choice of Muay Thai, boxing and Jiu-Jitsu training programs.
  • EXPOSURE! Uchenna Select teams are registered in the CYBL tournament where over 100 teams compete from Jan – June 2019.
  • ACADEMIC CAREER PLANNING. We spend time providing students with information about University and College programs (in Canada and USA). Education is centred around academic and athletic scholarships. Realistic goals are set for each student and benchmarks are put in place to ensure they are on the right track to reach their academic goals.

Our inaugural team in the 2017-2018 team competed in the CYBL U11 division in the 2017-2018 basketball season and climed to the 11th out of 14 spots.  We congratulate the team on their accomplishments and look forward to improving this school year.

2017-18 Player Rank & Stats (Stats were kept at select games only):

Uchenna Select Player Rank 2018 Season

Josh Fleck298364470.5440.4650.7322.
Tyler Jean199271390.3740.2350.6594.
Cameron Moore198211180.5250.4490.4384.
Duane Douglas297197440.3950.2930.5322.
Jayden Mullings203183300.4120.3600.8004.
D’Wayne Haye97118200.4390.2500.4173.
Ryan Boatswain190107190.4220.3160.5423.
Jaylen Campbell191360.4090.1670.0001.
Alex Dickie2670.1670.0000.0001.
Chris Joseph29-270.2370.2350.2001.

Uchenna Select | Exhibition Game

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2017-18 Season Record:

Uchenna Select 2017-2018 Team Record

1Uchenna Select12295055-52-8L2