QSLA was established in 2010. We are a non-profit organization that arose from our goals of improving mathematics achievement of youth through small group tutoring, skillful instruction, and continual integration of mathematics into sports. Our signature program, BallMatics, actively integrates mathematics into basketball training practices. The program has evolved to include dynamic courtside activities along with an online portal where participants can access videos, lesson notes, homework exercises and learning checks.

Meet the QSLA Leadership Team

Managing Director: Dave McNee

Mr. McNee, in addition to his role as a Managing Director of QSLA is also a principal of Uchenna Academy and a member of several community boards, one with the Toronto District School Board, BWXT Nuclear Technologies and is a Chair of QSLA Foundation.  He attended Ryerson University’s undergraduate Business Management program, as well as Athabasca University’s Political Science program. His expertise and breadth of knowledge in business management, education, sports, marketing and advertising brings an unmatched leadership and guidance to QSLA. He is spearheading research initiatives that explore effects of combining sporting activities with mathematics topics, a study which seeks to explore novel ways of engaging youth into mathematics.

Contact: Dave.Mcnee@qsla.ca

Basketball Director: Keir Bryan

Coach Keir is a passionate basketball coach driven to foster winning teams through elite skill and performance training.  As a former student-athlete, Coach Keir has been able to use his knowledge of playing basketball at the collegiate level to lead teams under his guidance to the medal round of the Ontario Cup each year he has attended. His teams have earned a Gold or Silver Medal the last three years in a row. As a former scholarship athlete, Keir understands the level of commitment, sacrifice and determination required for today’s aspiring student-athlete to be successful in attaining their goals. Keir’s number one focus is to help the student-athletes in his care achieve their goals by ensuring they understand the right attitude, focus, effort and execution will lead them to success on and off the court.

Contact: keir.bryan@qsla.ca

Academic Director: Claudia Mandekic

Claudia has an extensive teaching career in mathematics and sciences. Her passion for mathematics, as well as developing novel teaching approaches in math and science are providing our students with new learning platforms. She is dedicated to convincing all our players that math is not difficult. Much like basketball training, it mandates practice, motivation and hard work.

Contact: claudia.m@qsla.ca

QSLA Support Team

Basketball Coach: Jamie Blasko

Growing up in Midland, ON, I was avidly involved in Rep Hockey, Basketball and Lacrosse year round. I was able to learn from many different coaches with unique perspectives on leadership, teamwork and success. Basketball has always my main passion, as I first started coaching by helping with elementary school teams in grade 8. As a player, my post- secondary career was derailed by 2 major injuries to the same knee in less than 14 months, but the passion to be around the game remained. After graduating Brock University and Humber College, I was able to work as a skills trainer for 2 + years in Toronto to gain valuable experience within the Toronto Basketball Community. I truly believe in the power of the team and that positive communication combined with a passionate commitment to daily improvement develops intangible life skills that will allow athletes with that mindset to succeed in anything they decide to pursue.

Assistant Coach: Luke Smith

Digital Technology Team: Alexander Araujo, Ozzie Tizzard, Matias