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QSLA Foundation arose from our recognition of the integral value of quality education as a founding requirement for each student`s future academic success and the increasing need for students to become active participants in the global, knowledge-based economy. It is our mandate to ensure marginalized students receive the highest degree of academic rigor, and as such, we have extended an invitation to you to become our partner in reaching our academic goals by providing financial resources to support our cause.

At QSLA Foundation, we recognize the need to advance the scholastic achievements of marginalized secondary and postsecondary students who do not perform well in a traditional classroom environment and we recognize this requires a differentiated instructional approach to learning. As such, we desired to establish QSLA Foundation , a charitable organization for the purpose of:

providing publicly available scholarships, bursaries, and other forms of financial assistance to marginalized students in need to be used for their schooling and
Provide publicly available scholarships and/or bursaries for students enrolled in post-secondary educational institutions who wish to complete research studies that incorporate physical activity in their teaching pedagogy.

Basketball Tournament for Rayvonte

Fundraiser for Rayvonte:

  • July 7, 2018, QSLA hosted a 6-team, one-day tourney at Waterfront Neighbourhood Centre
  • Thanks to everyone that came out, we raised $5947 in one day!

Please continue to donate to the GoFundMe campaign so Rayvonte can get a wheelchair accessible van:


Many of you know the story of Rayvonte Ball. At 17 years young, he was a dedicated student and standout athlete, a captain on Central Tech and People’s Basketball teams. He was loved by those around him.  On March 25, 2017, Ray collapsed on the court during a basketball game due to an undiagnosed heart condition, Long QT syndrome. Over a year later, we are seeing signs of hope. Ray is lifting his legs and arms in response to his family and friends’ voices. His gaze follows basketball highlights, he is swallowing, blinking and gripping with his hands. All these wins in a relatively short period of time continues to fuel our desire to help him.

Rayvonte can’t live at home right now, but he can visit, and his mother is fully trained to take care of him. Stimulation and activity are key to Ray’s recovery and he has an incredible family support system that are willing to take him outside the walls of his current residence at Toronto Rehabilitation Hospital.

In order to assist in Ray’s recovery , a wheelchair accessible vehicle is required to take him safely to and from the hospital. A GoFundMe page has been created by his family & we ask all QSLA members to please donate. Any amount helps

Rayvonte’s story was featured in Toronto Star, Global news and CBC News.  Please take time to read it & SHARE it as much as you can.  This extraordinary young man is now wheelchair bound, unable to speak or see, and is living at a chronic care hospital.  His mom wants to bring him home on weekends – the original GoFundMe campaign provided funding to buy a bed, a hoyer lift and a wheelchair accessible ramp at her home.