Season 15 week 1 RECAP

First game in the new season was between Smooth Operators & It’s a 2K Thing.  Smooth Operators were putting in their great effort working together as team and winning with 78 points. It’s a 2K Thing is a new, great team. Even though they lost with 58 points they still showed off their skills and ability to get through a game and they pushed each other as a team no matter what the score was.

Second game of the night, The Antetokounmpos vs Jackin’ All Treys. The Antetokunmpos wining with 61 points in the game. It was a very close game, 61-57. Both teams with great defense, offense, skills and teamwork going into double overtime. It was a very tough game but they all managed to get through it with The Antetokoinmpos coming out victorious.

Third game of the night was The Skyhookers vs Team A.  Skyhookers taking lead, 67-43. The A Team had great defense during this game. Even though this was their first game they still put a lot of effort in their game. This was only the first week. Got way more to come. Skyhookers did a great job with their defense and their team work skills.

For the last game of the night we have, Dream Team vs Thundercats. This was a very competitive game between the two. The final score was 82 for Dream team to 73 for Thundercats. They both brought out everything they had in them which made it a very interesting game.

We look forward to seeing you all for Week 2!!!!

Written by Kayana-lee Moulton