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My son’s math teacher graded him at 41% and wanted me to put him in the applied level class. Instead, he started to see a QSLA teacher and on his first test got 86%, 2nd highest in class. My son’s teacher was shocked. QSLA has a great teaching talent & I hope you continue to be around for all the students.


Seeing a QSLA tutor regularly in grade 12 helped me raise my math mark from 60s to 90s, which allowed me to get accepted into my university of choice and study my favourite subject, mathematics.


Thanks QSLA for all your help. You always got my back and I appreciate it 🙂


Your advice about math (academic & applied) is very helpful and I am going to work towards getting her to switch over and keeping her options open for her post-secondary education. I’m very glad you pointed this out because otherwise I would not know it!


Thanks for offering the BallMatics program. His favourite part of the program is, ironically, math! The math you do on the court is the math he is doing, or will do, in his math class, which helps him understand it better. Math is one of his weakest subjects.


QSLA, thanks for everything, you were infinitely helpful and I wouldn’t have gotten such a high mark without you.


BallMatics was a very good program. It exercises my mind. They teach strategies to play and think about the sport. It was a great environment and the instructors were great. I would recommend the program to other students.

AlexeyHigh school student

BallMatics is a great way to make new friends. Dave develops your skills in basketball and Claudia hlps you think in a different way when solving math problems. I’m really glad I joined – I developed skills like how to make new friends and how to cooperate with other teammates. I would really encourage students who are interested in math and basketball to join because it’s a great program.

AndrewElementary school student