QSLA basketball high school credits Uchenna

QSLA Mission Statement

We are a caring, creative, and accountable academically driven learning centre transforming education for our students, community and the world. We are a dedicated to excellence, endless passion for learning and community partnership. At QSLA, we recognize the integral value of quality education as a founding requirement for each student`s future academic success. We also recognize the increasing need for students to become active participants in the global, knowledge-based economy, which requires state of the art instructional delivery, career based workshops and project based learning, all of which are implemented into each youth program offered at our centre. It is our mandate to ensure all students under our educational care receive the highest degree of academic rigor. Through differentiated instruction, afterschool support via academic and athletic coaching programs, and continual parental involvement in all facets of student learning, QSLA ensures each student reaches their personal best.

Our Activities & Partnerships

We are a sport-centric educational hub located in mid-town Toronto. We utilize sports as an anchor to promote learning & have developed youth clinics which are centered on our sports-centric learning model.  In 2018, we will be conducting research about our unique Ballmatics program where we mix math with sports, primarily basketball. The research study will allow us to quantify academic and social benefits of practicing mathematics while playing team sports.

We are proud to announce our partnership with MLSE Launchpad, a 42,000 sq. ft. sports centre located in downtown Toronto.  The partnership with MLSE will help us deliver our sports program to a larger audience & reach more students!

In addition, we host a competitive adult coed basketball league.  The basketball league directly funds our academic programs & is a perfect learning platform for high school students.  After keeping stats & recording videos during games, our students (volunteers, co-op students & staff) edit videos & upload player stats.  The students also write weekly game summaries & highlights (check them out on our Blog section).

High school education is important to us. That is why we have partnered up with a private high school, Uchenna Academy, whose visions of educational reform align with ours.  At Uchenna Academy, the approach to education is academic enrichment & career exploration, which is achieved through strategic partnerships, small classroom size, high level of student expectations & academic rigor.

Meet Team QSLA:

Managing Director:     Dave McNee

Academic Coaches:      Claudia Mandekic, Luigi Bianchi

Outreach Coordinator:Odessa Spence

Basketball Coaches:    DJ James, David Monaco, Patrick Rutledge

Summer 2018 Interns:   Alexander Araujo, Kayana Moulton, Cheddean Wilson, Tyler Jean, Josh Fleck, Jason Boateng, Dalton Galloway

You can contact any of us by sending us an email at info@qsla.ca.  We look forward to starting a conversation with you!